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Mason Rangers - 3/16/2015

Mason Rangers – Are you ready to answer the call?


Have you ever wondered who the Mason Rangers really are?


True Mason Rangers are a rare breed of men and women who are dedicated to upholding the legacy of excellence that Mason Construction has built its reputation on for over 75 years.  A true Mason Ranger knows the value of hard work, believes in their brothers and sisters working alongside them; and want to keep them safe.  They believe in leaving their mark behind in the quality of work that they produce, and take pride in bringing up the next generation and teaching them the skills needed to be successful in their trade.  They believe in honor, loyalty and integrity; and know that the easy way is not always the right way.  A Mason Ranger sees things differently than most people.  Where others see the impossible, they see an opportunity to overcome a new challenge.  When others bow out or call it quits, a Mason Ranger step up and take charge of the situation.  


If you’ve ever wondered what a Mason Ranger looks like, just glance around.   You can see it in  the eyes of a leader, slugging it out in the trenches with you side by side every day.  You can see it in the workmanship of a seasoned craftsman; leaving their signature on each foundation they pour, every pile they drive, each piece of iron flown into place, and every pass of their dozer blade.  You can feel it when you know that the guy standing next to you has your back, no matter what, or when someone takes the time to invest in you because they see something in you that others don’t.  You know it when they celebrate your accomplishments, help correct your mistakes, and are there to help pick up the pieces when life falls apart.  When you see them as a family member instead of a co-worker; that’s a Mason Ranger.


Have you seen a Mason Ranger lately?  Or better yet, are you ready to become a Mason Ranger?  

What are you waiting for?  Are you ready to answer the call?