Our Team

David Hudson, Ph.D.

Piling Consultant

With over 38 years of work in heavy construction, Dr. David Hudson adds an extraordinary level of academic training and technical expertise to Mason Construction’s portfolio as Manager of Mason Construction’s Piling Operations since 2004.

David graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the University of Houston, after gaining construction experience with Brown & Root, Spence & Howe, and Austin Industrial. David obtained his Master of Science in Construction Management from Texas A&M in 1990 and went on to complete a Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Project Management from the University of Texas in 1997. While pursuing his doctorate, he worked for the Construction Industry Institute, a research arm of the University. After teaching construction management and architecture students at Texas A&M, David returned to the construction industry in 2001 as a project manager with Bomac Contractors before joining Mason Construction in 2004 to start its piling operations. Since that time, Mason’s piling operations have grown exponentially, while gaining the respect and confidence of both new and existing clients.